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At Landsker our priority is healthy and happy as well as beautiful kittens. After a break from breeding due to ill health Landsker is up and running again, I just
couldn't live without my passion, which is obviously Norwegian Forest Cats......

We aim to breed cats with fantastic temperaments as well as type and plan our matings accordingly. Breeding for the breed as well as our own pleasure is very
close to our hearts. We now use positive reward training on our cats and kittens which has had such a huge effect on all of them. The cats are much more lively
and interested in their environment, to find out why we have so much fun with our breeding please feel free to browse our pages.

Amongst these pages you can learn the Why, What, How to and What ifs of owning a 'Forest Cat'

Why? - why would you want to own a Norwegian Forest Cat? Well I've always loved cats and was brought up with them in my daily life but I wanted something
different when I was looking for companions to travel down here to live in Wales. Much as I loved the Moggies that had given me companionship over the years
I wanted something unusual and striking to look at. Forest Cats gave me so much more than just a companion that interacted with me as and when they felt like

What? - what are you getting when you choose a Norwegian Forest Cat? You are not just getting a feline companion, you are getting a friend who will make you
laugh and make you cry and enrich your life in ways that you never thought possible. These are intelligent cats that are sensitive to any mood you may be
experiencing and will always be there to let you know that you are not alone. They will love you and play with you and entertain you for their lifetime.

How? - how do I look after a Norwegian Forest Cat? By giving them choice and variety in every aspect of their lives so that they can live a happy healthy and
balanced life. This is not a cat that you can ignore and if you give them choice and variety in their lives they will give you far more than they take. A bit of
grooming, a quality diet and your love is all they really need. In return you will be amazed at what they give to you.

What if? - what if I decided to have a Norwegian Forest Cat in my life? You would then have all the benefits of the 'Ultimate Feline Companion'. Whether you
live alone or with your family they will bring a richness into your life that is addictive to say the least. My advice to anyone wanting to meet this wonderfully
majestic breed is to go to a breeders house and spend some time getting to know them and understand that what you see is never what you get in the end as their
full potential is only realised once you have let them into your heart and home.

We are members of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club of Great Britain and show under the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.  We have been dedicated to the
welfare and progress of this breed since we bought our first cats in 1997 and have thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our pages and are happy to have feedback so don't keep your opinions to yourself!
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