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The Nature of a Norwegian Forest Cat
I've had a lot of people asking me recently 'what is the nature and character of a Forest Cat like?' Well I can only tell you about my experiences and the cats that I have owned. I used to call them 'Acrobatic Lapcats' as they can perform the most amazing feats of agility. They normally come down trees or other objects forwards and jump the last (up to) 15ft to the ground. I've seen my cats jump a spread of 8-10ft across from a standstill on a windowsill and hitting the lampshade on the way and they can quite often jump onto your shoulder from the top of a door as you are walking through...giving you quite a start at the time. They can climb a sheer rock face if they so choose due to their reinforced claw sheaths and my kittens have often been found to try climbing a stone wall or even a chip papered wall just to prove my point :-) There is no doubt in my mind why people in days gone by have labelled them 'The Faerie Cat' as they can often be found in places that most cats couldn't even get to. Most of mine love to play with water and are now banned from the bathroom as the kittens often take a swim in the toilet and some have even learned how to turn the taps on. I've had reports from kitten owners of them taking a shower or bath with them. I find them very human oriented and curious about everything that we do, most of them like to help me do everything from cooking to DIY and they follow me around more like dogs than cats. So my conclusion is that they are very unique felines and an absolute joy to have around.
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When I started breeding back in 1997 I wanted to know everything that I could about the breed and so I contacted breeders abroad with cats that I liked the look of and visited both Norway and Sweden just absorbing all that these wonderful breeders had to say and they taught me so much! I've always been a person that paid attention to details so it was really easy to just sit and listen to them all and I was lucky enough to be given copies of hundreds of pedigrees, which started me off on my journey of pedigree chasing. I have to say that I am so very grateful to those breeders and I have some really wonderful memories of my trips and all the lovely cats that I met along the way. I've been very fortunate to have some amazing cats in my breeding over the last couple of decades and hopefully I'll get the 'Golden Oldies' page up and running sometime soon. 
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