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The Landsker cattery comprises my two friends Mary and Sue and myself Christine Hamilton as well as my two lovely Grand-daughers Erin and Alexis who are in charge of kitten habituation to humans, a very key role I would say. More importantly our Norwegian Forest Cat companions can be met on our cats page.
We are based in the county of Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, UK, in a lovely little town called Narberth, which is depicted in the tapestry above. We have our own castle ruins and museum which, considering how small the town, is amazing. The tapestry was created by the Ladies of the Women's Institute and resides in the Queens Hall community building. Narberth has a thriving culture of arts and crafts and is situated on the Landsker fault-line, which used to separate the English pasturelands from the more hilly climbs that the Welsh were forced to inhabit. You can trace the fault-line by the string of Castles that are found along the current A40 road. There are many places with names of Norse origin to be found hereabouts, hence our feelings that Landsker was an appropriate prefix for our cattery. In some ways we have come back to our roots by moving here to Wales as my maternal Grandfather was a Sawyer in a Welsh mine and was born in the town of Mountain Ash. The countryside is very lush and beautiful. We have many wonderful beaches and the coastline is famous for its walks and vistas. Assorted pictures below, always taking a camera on walks is a great way to show the countryside.
My interest in the Norwegian Forest Cat started in 1997 when I bought our first queen Volsung Nutmeg (Meggie), who was initially the basis for our Forest cat breeding. Having had a break of a few years due Rheumatoid Arthritis it's wonderful to be breeding again. I can't do as much as I used to so I need to keep my numbers low. That way the cats and I will be able to enjoy each other. I don't show much but hope to be doing more in the future and you can see updates on our show page. Over the years I have had the help of my wonderful daughters in raising and loving the kittens and it's been an amazing journey.
We enjoy some of the aspects of showing, like getting together with other friendly exhibitors and seeing other cats, which is a good way to see how different lines are being bred, and it was wonderful to be at the Club show 2015 where the lovely Landsker Xia Hotlights gained BIS adult female. Being in the Wilds of Wales means that it is usually two hours to the nearest show and three or four hours to the rest, sometimes more, so we will probably go to a few shows this year including the club show. It's amazing to think of what we have learned in the last 19 years about the breed we have chosen and the best of it is that it's an ongoing situation, there is always something new to learn about breeding.
We also have a passion for pedigrees and have spent a lot of time tracing our own cats back to their roots so to speak. We now have a database and keep records of pedigrees that other breeders are kind enough to send us and they almost tell a story. We spend many happy hours line chasing as we call it and sometimes get to see pictures of some of the old cats in the pedigrees, this is a great bonus!

We have had so much pleasure from the Forest Cats themselves and from the kittens they have had and would like to personally thank the breeder-friends that have helped us along the way. Even the nutters give you valuable lessons :-)
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