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NFO  Norwegian Forest Cat
Colour Silver/Smoke White Shading Tabby Eye Colour
n Black

a Blue

d Red

e Cream

f Tortie

g Blue Tortie

nt Amber

at Light Amber

dt (d)* Amber based on Red

et (e)* Amber based on Cream

ft Amber Tortie

gt Light Amber Tortie

w White
s 01  Van

02  Harlequin

03  Bicolour

09 Unspecified White / White Spotting Gene
11  Shaded

12  Tipped
21  Unspecified

22  Classic

23  Mackerel

24  Spotted

25  Ticked
61  Blue-eyed

62 Orange-eyed

63  Odd-eyed

64  Green-eyed
* These codes are used to register the genotype of the red/cream progeny from two amber cats, together with their phenotype in brackets.
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